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Comment Period: Closed

Reference Number: 16/3/3/1/B3/28/1027/17

Draft Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Locality Maps

Appendix B: Site plans & Engineering Drawings

Appendix B1: Proposed Upgrade Plans (Including Service Road along MR189)

Appendix B2: Master Landscaping Plans and Cross Sections

Appendix B3: Typical Cross-Sections

Appendix B4: Typical Intersection, Farm Access Details & Bus Stops

Appendix B5: Traffic Accommodation and Road Signs

Appendix B6: Example of Flyer

Appendix B7: Schedule of Services

Appendix B8: Proposed Van Wyks River Bridge Design

Appendix B9: Van Wyks River Study

Appendix B10: Paarl School of Skills Intersection

Appendix B11: Drainage Schedule and Culverts

Appendix B12: Site Plans – New portion of MR191

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity overlay map

Appendix E: Permit(s) / license(s)

Appendix E1: Correspondence from DEA&DP

Appendix E2: Comment from HWC & SAHRA

Appendix F: Public participation information

Appendix F1: List of I&APs

Appendix G: Specialist Reports

Appendix G1: Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix G2: Social Impact Assessment

Appendix G3: Noise Statement

Appendix G4: Heritage Statement

Appendix H: Environmental Management Progamme

Appendix I: EAP Curriculum Vitae

Appendix J: Water Use Licence Authorisation – GA


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