Draft Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Maps

Appendix A1: Locality Map(s)

Appendix A4: Map of Surrounding Properties

Appendix A5: Contour Map

Appendix B: Site Plan(s)

Appendix B1: Site Development Plan(s)

Appendix B2: SDP and Environmental Sensitivities Overlay Map

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity Overlay Map

Appendix E: Permit(s) / license(s) / exemption notice, agreements, comments from State Department/Organs of state and service letters from the municipality

Appendix E1: Final comment/ROD from HWC

Appendix E2: Confirmation of all services (water, electricity, sewage, solid waste management) 

Appendix E3: Proof of submission of water use application 

Appendix E4: Proof of agreement/TOR of the specialist studies conducted

Appendix E5: Comment from State Departments and Organs of State 

Appendix F: Public Participation Information

Appendix F1: Public Participation Plan

Appendix F2: PPP Register

Appendix F3: Proof of Written Notifications Sent

Appendix F4: Advertisements and Proof

Appendix F5: Site Notices and Proof

Appendix F6: Comments Received from I&APs

Appendix F7: Comments & Response Report

Appendix G: Specialist Report(s)

Appendix G1: Terrestrial Biodiversity Compliance Statement

Appendix G2: Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix G3: Heritage and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix G4: Agricultural Agro-Ecosystem Specialist Assessment

Appendix G5: Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix G6: Civil Services Report

Appendix G7: Town Planning Report

Appendix G8: Architectural Report and Design Guidelines

Appendix G9: Landscape Master Plan Guidelines

Appendix G10: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix G11: Geohydrological Assessment

Appendix G12: Water Quality Monitoring Plan

Appendix G13: Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix H: EMPr

Appendix I: Screening Tool Report

Appendix J: The Impact and Risk Assessment

Appendix K: Need and Desirability

Appendix L: Other Information

Appendix L1: EAP’s Curriculum Vitae


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