Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A - Locality Map(s)

Appendix B - Site Plan(s)

Appendix B1 - Development Proposal and Concept Landscape Plan - Alternative 1

Appendix B2 - Development Proposal and Concept Landscape Plan - Alternative 2

Appendix B3 - Development Proposal Alternative 3

Appendix C - Site Photographs

Appendix D - Development Constraints Plan

Appendix E - Permits Licenses or Correspondence from Organs of State

Appendix E1 - CoCT Services Capacity Letters

Appendix E2 - Electrical Services  Capacity Letter

Appendix E3 - HWC NID Rem Erf 3823 Noordhoek Aug 2017

Appendix E4 - HWC Response

Appendix E5 - Noordhoek Waste Management License

Appendix E6 - Proof of Submission of WULA

Appendix E7 - Underpasses confirmation letter

Appendix E8 - Letter From DEADP Waste Management

Appendix E9 - Confirmation of capacity to receive waste from Evergreen Lake Michelle

Appendix F - Public Participation Information

Appendix F1 - Pre-application Meeting Minutes, Actions and Attendance Register

Appendix F2 - I&AP list

Appendix F3 - Proof of Advertisement

Appendix F4 - Fish Hoek Civic Centre

Appendix F5 - Proof of Notification of I&APs

Appendix F6 - Proof of Notification of State Departments

Appendix F7 - Proof of Letter Drops

Appendix F8 - Open House Meeting Posters and Attendance Register

Appendix F9 - Site Notice Picture

Appendix F10 - HOA attendance register and proof of submission of presentation

Appendix F11 - Comments Received

Appendix F12  - Comments and Response Report

Appendix F13 - Comments and Response Summary

Appendix F14 - PPP Plan (statutory phase)

Appendix F15 - DEADP comment on PPP plan (statutory phase)

Appendix F16 - Proof of notification of I&APs (statutory phase)

Appendix F17 - Proof of notification of state departments (statutory phase)

Appendix F18 - Proof of submission to Fish Hoek Public Library (statutory phase)

Appendix F19 - Comments received (statutory phase)

Appendix F20 - Comments and Response Report (statutory phase)

Appendix G - Specialist Report(s)

Appendix G1A - Need and Desirability Report

Appendix G1B - Need and Desirability Report (Annexures)

Appendix G2A - Civil Services Report

Appendix G2B - Electrical Services Report and Capacity Letter

Appendix G3 - Stormwater Quantity and Quality Report

Appendix G4 - Stormwater Management Plan and Cross Section

Appendix G5 - Geohydrological Assessment

Appendix G6 - Freshwater Specialist Report

Appendix G7 - Botanical Specialist Report

Appendix G8 - Amphibian Baseline Assessment

Appendix G9 - Proposed Frog Underpasses & Designs

Appendix G10 - Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Report

Appendix G11 - Traffic Impact Assessment Report

Appendix G12 - Traffic Impact Assessment Supplementary Letter

Appendix G13 - Construction Traffic Supplementary Letter

Appendix G14 - Eastern Elevation Cross Section

Appendix G15 - Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix G16A - Civil Works Method Statement

Appendix G16B - Landfill Rehabilitation Operation Plan

Appendix G16C - Environmental Protection Plan

Appendix G17A - Wetland Rehabilitation Plan

Appendix G17B - Maintenance Management Plan

Appendix G18 - Landscape Architect Notes

Appendix G19 - Avifaunal Assessment

Appendix G20 - Faunal Baseline Assessment

Appendix G21 - Geotechnical Report

Appendix G22 - Architect Impressions

Appendix G23 - Soil and Groundwater Investigation Report

Appendix G24 - Landfill Gas Monitoring Report

Appendix G25 - Review of the Soil and Groundwater Contamination Report

Appendix G26 - Noise Impact Letter.pdf

Appendix H - Lake Michelle EMPr with Annexures

Appendix I - Curriculum Vitae of Author


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