Pre-Application Scoping Report

Appendix A: Curriculum Vitae of the EAP

Appendix B: Locality Map(s)

Appendix C: Site Plan(s)

Appendix D: Site Photographs

Appendix E: Biodiversity Map(s)

Appendix F: Permit(s) / License(s) from Any Other Organ of State, Including Service Letters from the Municipality

Appendix F1: Heritage Western Cape Response to NID

Appendix F2: Proof of Submission of WULA

Appendix F3: Services Capacity Confirmation Letters

Appendix G: Specialist & Other Reports

Appendix G1: Agricultural Compliance Statement

Appendix G2: Terrestrial Biodiversity Compliance Statement (Vegetation)

Appendix G3: Terrestrial Biodiversity Compliance Statement (Butterflies)

Appendix G4: Town Planning Report

Appendix G5: Draft Urban Design, Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines

Appendix G6: Civil Services Report

Appendix G7: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix G8: Electrical Services Report

Appendix G9: Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix H: Public Participation Information

Appendix H1: PPP Register

Appendix H2: PPP Plan

Appendix H3: Other PPP Information

Appendix I: Other Information

Appendix I1: Screening Reports

Appendix I2: Impact Assessment Methodology

Appendix I3: Impact Assessment Tables

Appendix J: Declarations

Appendix J1: Declaration of the Applicant

Appendix J2: Declaration of the EAP

Appendix J3: Declaration of the Specialists


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