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Comment Period: Closed

Reference Number: 16/3/3/1/A4/5/3032/19

Final Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Locality map           

Appendix B: Subdivision and Rezoning Plans and Landscaping Plans

Appendix B1: Alternative 1        

Appendix B2: Alternative 2

Appendix B3: Alternative 3 – Preferred Alternative

Appendix B4: SDP & Environmental Sensitivity Overlay Map                     

Appendix C: Photographs           

Appendix D: Biodiversity overlay map  

Appendix E: Permit(s) / license(s)

Appendix E1: Copy of comment from HWC

Appendix E2: Copy of Water Use Licence Application (WULA)

Appendix E3: Services Capacity Confirmation Letters

Appendix E4: Planning Approval            

Appendix F: Public participation information

Appendix F1: List of Interested & Affected Parties

Appendix F2: Notification Letter and Proof (Pre-Application)

Appendix F2: Notification Letter and Proof (Draft)

Appendix F3: Advertisements and Proof (Pre-Application)

Appendix F3: Advertisements and Proof (Draft)

Appendix F4: Site Notice and Proof (Pre-Application)

Appendix F4: Site Notice and Proof (Draft)

Appendix F5: Comments Received (Pre-Application)

Appendix F5: Comments Received (Draft)

Appendix F6: Comments and Response Document

Appendix G: Specialist Report(s)

Appendix G1: Botanical Impact Assessment      

Appendix G2: Freshwater Impact Assessment   

Appendix G2: Letter from BlueScience regarding the changed layout

Appendix G3: Archaeological Impact Assessment            

Appendix G4: Traffic Impact Assessment             

Appendix G5: Town Planning Report     

Appendix G6: Civil Services Report         

Appendix G7: Electrical Services Report

Appendix H: EMPr         

Appendix I: Additional Information – N/A          

Appendix J: Impact Assessment – N/A  

Appendix K: Any other (if applicable)

Appendix K1: Curriculum Vitae of Author            

Appendix K2: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix K3: Offset Calculation Report

Appendix K4: Letter from the Department of Human Settlements

Appendix K5: Offset Acceptance Letter & Memorandum of Agreement between CTEET & Applewood


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