Consultant: Sinead O'Toole (

Comment Period: 7 October - 6 November 2019

Reference Number: TBC

Draft Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Locality Map

Appendix B: Plans

Appendix B1: Site Development Plan(s)

Appendix B2: Aerial Overlay of Buildings

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity Overlay Map

Appendix E: Permit(s) - N/A

Appendix F: Public Participation - To be included in Final BAR

Appendix G: Specialist Report(s) - N/A

Appendix H: Draft EMPr

Appendix I: Additional Information Related to Listed Waste Management- N/A

Appendix J: Description of the Impact Assessment Process Followed to Reach the Proposed Preferred Alternative- N/A

Appendix K: Supporting Documents

Appendix K1: Brenn-O-Kem Confirmation of Removal of Cellar Waste

Appendix K2: Scheduled Listing from Central Breede

Appendix K3: Proof of Submission- Water Use License Application

Appendix K4: BGCMA Compliance Letter

Appendix K5: BEMLAB Certificate of Analyses


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