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Comment Period: CLOSED

Reference Number: 14/2/3/B1/14/0006/17

Final Amendment Report

Appendix 1: Copy of the EA

Appendix 2: Locality Map

Appendix 3: Site Development Plans

Appendix 4: Water

Appendix 4a: Water Rights

Appendix 4b: Letter from Louis Bruwer

Appendix 4c: Letter from Andre Sinclair

Appendix 5: Specialist Input

Appendix 5a: Soil Study

Appendix 5b: Botanical Impact Assessment

Appendix 6: Biodiversity Maps

Appendix 7: Public Participation Process

Appendix 7a: List of I&APs

Appendix 7b: Site Notice and Proof

Appendix 7c: Advertisement

Appendix 7d: Notification Letter and Proof

Appendix 7e: Proof of State Departments

Appendix 7f: Library Letter

Appendix 7g: Comments Received

Appendix 7h: Comments and Response Document

Appendix 7i:  Correspondence with State Departments

Appendix 8: EMPr


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