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Reference Number: 16/3/3/1/A2/37/3023/17

Final Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Locality Map

Appendix B: Site Plan(s)

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity Overlay Maps

Appendix E: Permits/ Licenses

Appendix E1: Electricity Confirmation Letter

Appendix E2: Water and Sewage Confirmation Letter

Appendix E3: Solid Waste Confirmation Letter

Appendix E4: Mining Letter

Appendix E5: Heritage NID

Appendix E6: HWC Letter

Appendix F: Public Participation Process

Appendix F1: List of Interested and Affected Parties          

Appendix F2: Proof of Notification (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F3: Notification of State Departments (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F4: Site Notices and Proof (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F5: Advertisement and Proof (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F6: Library Letter (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F7: Comments Received (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F8: Comments and Response Document (Pre-App BAR)

Appendix F9: Notification Letters and Proof (Statutory BAR)

Appendix F10: Notification of State Departments (Statutory BAR)

Appendix F11: Comments Received (Statutory BAR)

Appendix F12: Comments and Response Document (Statutory BAR)

Appendix G: Specialist Reports

Appendix G1: Electrical Report

Appendix G2: Services Report

Appendix G3: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix G4: Landscape Plan

Appendix G5: Botanical Assessment

Appendix G6: Freshwater Assessment

Appendix G7: Groundwater Assessment

Appendix G8: Social Impact Assessment

Appendix G9: Planning Report

Appendix G10: Soil Report

Appendix G11: Traffic Report

Appendix G12: Butterfly Report

Appendix H: Environmental Management Programme

Appendix I: EAP CV


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