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Pre-Application Basic Assessment Report

Appendix A: Locality Maps

Appendix B: Site Plan(s)

Appendix C: Photographs

Appendix D: Biodiversity Overlay Maps

Appendix D1 - CBA Plan

Appendix D2 - Protected Areas Plan

Appendix E: Permits/ Licences

Appendix E1 – NOI Submission to Heritage

Appendix E2 – Heritage Western Cape Response

Appendix F: Public Participation Process

Appendix F1 – List of Interested and Affected Parties

Appendix G: Specialist Reports

Appendix G1 – Motivational Report

Appendix G2 – Botanical Impact Assessment

Appendix G3 – Services and GLS Report

Appendix G4 – Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix H: Environmental Management Programme

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