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Comment Period: Closed

Reference Number: 16/3/3/5/A3/29/2055/17

Operational Audit

Annexure 1: Schonenberg EA

Annexure 2: Audit meeting attendance register

Annexure 3: List of E-magazine articles

Annexure 4: Example of E-magazine

Annexure 5: Water quality sampling results

Annexure 6: Co-ordinates of sampling points

Annexure 7: List of seep vegetation

Annexure 8: Weekly report on alien vegetation in seep

Annexure 9: Weekly report on alien vegetation removal

Annexure 10: Problem and invasive plant list

Annexure 11: Approved plant list

Annexure 12: Undesired plant list

Annexure 13: Memorandum for Kikuyu removal

Annexure 14: General Authorization from DWS

Annexure 15: Service certificate for fire equipment

Annexure 16: Fire hydrant pressure and functionality check

Annexure 17: Fire hydrant plan

Annexure 18: Minutes of monthly environmental meetings


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