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Comment Period: 28 November 2019 – Monday, 20 January 2020

Reference Number: To be obtained

Maintenance Management Plan

ANNEXURE A: Graymead Notarial Deed of Servitude 266-1953 Boesmanskloof Weir

ANNEXURE B: Pipeline Layout Plan

ANNEXURE C: Phasing Plan

ANNEXURE D: Freshwater Specialist Report and Risk Assessment Matrix

ANNEXURE E: Water Use Authorizations

ANNEXURE F: Method Statement for Pipe Replacement

ANNEXURE G: Method Statement for Berm Repair

ANNEXURE H: Method Statement - Example Template


ANNEXURE J: Environmental Awareness Material

ANNEXURE K1: Forms A (Undertaking Maintenance Activity)

ANNEXURE K2: Forms B (Maintenance Management Activity Completed)

ANNEXURE L: Fines Table


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