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Comment Period: Closed

Reference Number: 16/3/3/5/B4/45/1095/18

Final Amendment Report

Appendix 1: Fee Reference

Appendix 2: N/A

Appendix 3: Maps

Appendix 3a: Locality

Appendix 3b: Aerial View

Appendix 4: Approved Environmental Authorisation

Appendix 5: Letters Transferring Rights

Appendix 5a: DB Property Development Company (Pty) Ltd

Appendix 5b: Killarney Brickfields (Pty) Ltd

Appendix 6: Plans

Appendix 6a: Approved Plan

Appendix 6b: Proposed Plans

Appendix 6c: Design Framework

Appendix 6d: Landscaping Plans

Appendix 6e: Amended Phase and Subdivision Plans

Appendix 7: Listed Activity Table (2006 Vs 2017)

Appendix 8: Specialist Studies

Appendix 8a: Electrical Report

Appendix 8b: Services Report

Appendix 8ba: Services Report (Internal)

Appendix 8c: Traffic Impact Assessment

Appendix 8d: Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix 8e: Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix 9: Capacity Letters

Appendix 9a: Eskom Electrical Capacity Confirmation

Appendix 9b: Services Capacity Confirmation

Appendix 10: Public Participation

Appendix 10a: List of Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs)

Appendix 10b: I&AP Notification Letter and Proof of Emails/Letters

Appendix 10c: Proof of Delivery to State Departments

Appendix 10d: Proof of Advertisement

Appendix 10e: Proof of Site Notice

Appendix 10f: Comments Received

Appendix 10g: Comments and Response Document

Appendix 10h: Round 2 Proof of delivery to State Departments

Appendix 10i: Round 2 Comments Received

Appendix 11: EMPr

Appendix 12: Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix 13: Wetland Rehabilitation Plan

Appendix 14: Maintenance Management Plan

Appendix 15: Letter from Blue Dawn Trading re: Road Layout

Appendix 16: Civil Services (March 2016) That Includes Pipeline

Appendix 17: Botanical Report for Larger Devonbosch Development

Appendix 18: HWC Rod (2008)


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